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The Shadowy World of Traian Cabba: Unraveling a Global Web of Financial Deceit

Picture of An Investigation Into Traian Cabba

An Investigation Into Traian Cabba

Traian Cabba is the figurehead behind Canadian Petrus Oil and Gaz Inc, Trimar Group of Companies Inc, Trimar Real Estate, Polyval Worldwide, Trimat Group, and Amphion Group Inc. Sources allege that he secures lending and then transfers funds to his controlled corporations, effectively shielding his assets from potential lawsuits.

Traian Cabba. The name alone exudes an air of mystery and intrigue. To the untrained eye, he’s the epitome of success – a jet-setting businessman with a taste for the finer things in life. But scratch beneath the surface, and a darker picture emerges.

I’ve been on Cabba’s trail for months, piecing together the puzzle of his alleged financial misdeeds. And let me tell you, it’s a tangled web that spans the globe.

At the center of it all is Cabba’s ex-wife, Francesca Patti. She’s been fighting tooth and nail to get her hands on the $599,391 court judgment she’s owed. But Cabba, the slippery eel that he is, has been ducking and weaving, shifting assets between his numerous companies like a high-stakes shell game.

Traian will promise you anything,” Patti told me in an exclusive interview. “Partnerships, wealth, the inside track on hot deals. But behind the charm spins a ruthlessly cunning con man.

Traian Cabba's Web of Deceit

Traian Cabba Scam

And what a web he’s spun. Canadian Petrus Oil and Gaz Inc, Trimar Group of Companies Inc, Trimar Real Estate, Polyval Worldwide, Trimat Group, Amphion Group Inc – these are just a few of the entities in Cabba’s sprawling empire. Sources claim he’s been securing lending and then transferring the funds to his own corporations, effectively putting them beyond the reach of any legal action.

But the real kicker? That $370 million Saudi judgment Cabba’s been waving around like a badge of honor. Patti says it’s nothing more than a smokescreen, a way to mask the true nature of his money flows. And those flows, if my sources are to be believed, are tied to some of the shadiest corners of the globe – Russia, the Middle East, the UK, Switzerland.

Cabba, it seems, has been exploiting every legal loophole he can find, from Canada to Panama to Cyprus. The result? An international money laundering operation that would make even the most seasoned criminals blush.

Patti also asserts that a questionable $370 million Saudi judgment Cabba flaunts serves as a smokescreen, masking more nefarious money flows tied to Russia, the Middle East, UK, and Switzerland. By exploiting legal gray areas in Canada, Panama, and Cyprus, Cabba has allegedly built an international money laundering operation of unprecedented scale.

The Corrupt Triangle

But Cabba’s alleged crimes are not the work of a lone wolf. Our investigation has uncovered a corrupt triangle of accomplices and enablers that aid him in his suspected financial misdeeds.

At the center of this web is Sonia Bustillo, Patti’s sister-in-law and allegedly Cabba’s long-term lover and business partner. Bustillo allegedly holds bank accounts in Canada, overseas, and offshore in her name on behalf of Cabba. The couple even has a son together, Jesse Jayden, born while Patti was still married to Cabba. It is alleged that Jayden’s name is now used for banking purposes, replacing Patti’s son as the holder of bank accounts.

Angela Lopresti, Bustillo’s cousin, is allegedly the second partner in Cabba’s money laundering operations. Lopresti reportedly holds bank accounts in the UK and Europe for Cabba, shielding him from authorities. Despite having no known employment, Lopresti allegedly holds significant assets and is financially supported by Cabba.

Even Patti’s only son with Cabba, Armando, was allegedly used by his father as a financial tool since the age of 11, without Patti’s knowledge or consent. According to documented statements from lawyers and bankers, Traian Cabba set up four bank accounts at TD Wealth Private Banking in Armando’s name, which were used to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars from countries such as Russia, Cyprus, and Switzerland.

Michael D’Ambra, a banker at TD Wealth Private Bank, allegedly allowed these transactions to take place and set up accounts for Cabba’s Sheik Alumatari judgment. D’Ambra reportedly allowed a minor child to be used as a cover for transferring money on behalf of Cabba and even testified in the Sheik Alumatari court proceedings to ensure the banking was set up for millions of dollars in transfers from Kuwait.

Photo Micheal D Ambra Banker TD Wealth Private Banking

It's a story that's as complex as it is disturbing. But one thing is clear – Traian Cabba is a man with a lot to hide. And I won't rest until I've dragged every last one of his secrets into the light.

It's A Story That's As Complex As It Is Disturbing.

Photo Angela Lopresti

As mounting security fraud investigations threaten to bring down Cabba’s house of cards, insiders believe that his room for maneuver is becoming increasingly limited. An anonymous whistleblower states, “If law enforcement coordinates properly across jurisdictions, his further room for maneuver hangs limited.”

For those considering investing with Cabba, Patti issues a dire warning: “Take a breath, consult professionals, nail down specifics without rose glasses.” She emphasizes that credible public records on Cabba’s past dealings are sparse for good reason, and that any bullish claims merit the deepest due diligence.

The Intricate Web of Accomplices and Enablers

In the end, Patti concludes, “Tread carefully. When things seem too good to be true, they usually prove to be.”

The intricate web of accomplices and enablers surrounding Traian Cabba paints a disturbing picture of a far-reaching financial conspiracy. As more evidence comes to light, it becomes increasingly clear that Cabba’s alleged crimes are not the work of a lone wolf, but rather a carefully orchestrated scheme involving family members, lovers, and even financial professionals.

Will justice finally catch up with Traian Cabba, or will he continue to evade authorities, leaving a trail of financial ruin in his wake? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the shadowy world of Traian Cabba is a cautionary tale for anyone tempted by the promise of easy riches.

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